Saturday, 7 November 2009

The Art of Vegetarian Cooking, Among Other Things...

I haven't written anything in a while, at least anything of the non-fiction persuasion. One reason being that I've been reading a lot of Austen and pseudo-Austen lately so my inner narrator is tainted by tea things and a chase-and-four. But also, I just haven't had much to write. And now I am writing saying I have nothing to write... All time low.

I think I was expecting an adventure... Something involving camels, hot air balloons, and undead pirates. But instead I got... me. There's a lot of sorting out to be done and that's the adventure for now. And its an adventure because as I change the horizon changes too, like a ship slowly turning.

I turned 24 since I've been down here and somehow everything slowed down. In a good way. I used to feel so urgent... like I had to travel the whole world, write the next great American novel, get married and pop out a dozen or so kids before I turned 30. But somewhere in the last 2 weeks I went from feeling like there would never be enough time to feeling like I have time to do all that and also learn how to longboard and make vegetarian chili. Like everything was wound up into a tight coil full of tension and now I've taken that coil and stretched it out into a long line with lots of wiggle room. This doesn't sound like much but it makes the journey a lot less stressful.

And Now a Few Random Notes:

- It really annoys me that "an handsome" is proper grammar. I really feel like it should be "a handsome". But its not.
- Tempeh is really yummy, you should try it.
- I read Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. And I liked it. So shoot me.
- Despite the fact that it was 70 degrees today, I'm getting back into knitting. Maybe I'll finish a piece this year.
- I have a 6 foot Australian flag hanging over my bed. Just FYI.
- I am going to write The Next Great American Novel. But first I'm going to try to write a paragraph of fiction that doesn't sound like I'm in high school.
- At the grocery store down here, they push your shopping cart out to your car and load the groceries in for you. I was shock and awed.

That should do it... Hopefully next time I write I'll have something slightly more substantial to say. But don't count on it.