Friday, 4 September 2009

Ready Now

Its Friday and the end of my first official week as a nanny of triplets in the illustrious state of Georgia. Soon I'll post pictures of the cutest babies you've ever seen and let you know all the interesting adventures I encounter, but my first words will be something a little more introspective and typically "Lydia." Enjoy!

The sun takes twice as long to set here. It hangs for an hour in the thick lazy air and turns everything it touches orange. The wind that comes into my car and flips my hair around smells sweet, like earth after it rains. The horizon gently dips and rises as the road plods forward and the constant drone of summer beetles is all the music I need.

Everything is different here but also strangely familiar. If you want groceries you go to Kroger. If you want a slushy you go to QT. If you want chicken strips you go to Zaxby’s. If you want iced tea you get sweet tea and you can’t buy a bottle of seltzer water. Highway 78 runs from Athens to Atlanta and everyone goes the speed limit.

Though the nostalgia of adventure hasn’t worn off yet part of me already miss home. I miss the smell of the shore, at least at high tide. I miss a Starbucks five miles in either direction. I miss anything five miles in either direction. I miss Duchess burgers. And I miss the people. I miss feeling like home. I’m nervous about a new church and new people and a new life really. I’ve never started over. I'm not sure I know how...

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